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Hi and thanks for visiting. I’m John and this is my tiny piece of blog space. I live in Round Rock, TX with three spoiled cats. At one point in my life, I became bored and decided I needed a  hobby. I figured that baking pie would be a  fun hobby that I could do, and that others would enjoy. So I baked a pie a week for one year and wrote about it. It was a challenge but the end result was well worth the effort and I now have this nifty little library of standard and unique pie recipes. But I just couldn’t stop and leave it, could I? So every now and then I pop back in with a new recipe I’ve acquired and add to the collection.

I hope you find a recipe you might like to try while you explore and I hope if you make it, you enjoy it!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there! Found you via Beth of The World Needs More Pie. Great blog and love your idea for a pie a week! I have a blog, Eating Is Art, but I also run a pie contest every year called Pietopia. It asks: what does your life taste like, in a pie? People submit a 300 word essay plus a recipe and if they win, they get an original print done by an artist who reinterpreted their story into a visual image. It’s really fun :). You can check it out here: http://pietopiacontest.com/ Glad to have found you, happy holidays!

  2. I’m also a Baker by hobby, it seems like baking is a great outlet for those of us who are busy with life and just need a break! 😉 I’ve been looking through your site in search of a Chocolate covered strawberry pie, but it doesn’t look like you have one yet! I’m working on creating one now, but maybe you can think on it as well and we can trade notes! I’ll definitely be featuring a few of your pies very soon! (I just visited Sams Club so I have plenty of crust to use up!)

  3. There doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to comment on your posts, so I hope you see this. This is a great blog. Pie is so old-fashioned and so comforting, especially when it’s homemade and hot-out-of-the-oven. I’ve been wondering about your butterscotch pie. Is it too dense? I can’t imagine eating straight butterscotch. But, that’s because I’m used to it as an ice cream topping or hard candy.

    • Hi Patsy. Thanks for visiting. There’s a comment field at the bottom of each individual post. Not sure why you’re not seeing it:) I didn’t find the butterscotch pie to be too dense. It was very sweet though.

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